LA CLINICA provides result-driven beauty treatments that are customized to your skin type and skin condition for desired results.

Spa Facials

Simple spa facials that focus on the best of what relaxations have to offer.

Riposo ~ Rest Facial Massage

Facial massages are a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate your skin. At La Clinica we provide one of the best spa facials in Toronto. With gentle but firm pressure our massages use various techniques like effleurage and repeated access to acupressure points and essential oils to facilitate relaxation. A facial massage helps to stimulate blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and relax face and neck muscles. Rest-up with this spa facial.

30 mins ~ $98

$98 ~ 30 mins

Riposo È Rilassare ~ Rest & ReLAX

Rest and Relax. This massage focused facial layers Riposo but with the added extra of hand and arm massage to give even more relaxation. Using Swedish Massage movements upward and working deep enough to lower tensions in hands and arms to reset your muscles from daily use. This will reinvigorate, recharge and re-energize your muscles and mind.

40 mins ~ $115

$115 ~ 40 mins

Bellezza Classica Facial

Bellezza Classica is a great blend of a classic express facial coupled with facial massage to achieve maximum relaxation and radiance in minutes. With a few more extras than the Riposo Facial, this includes gentle exfoliation by using a foaming enzymatic cleanser to loosen and remove dead skin and hydrate all in one. Ultrasonic scrubber is used to lift dead skin and cooling aloe and vitamin gel to lower redness, inflammation and hydrate, leaving your skin full of bounce and clarity. 

40 mins ~ $125

$125 ~ 40 mins


Espresso facial is a deep cleansing express facial that using multiple steps of double cleansing, enzymatic cleanser, gentle exfoliating charcoal cleanser and gentle active foaming cleanser. This next step is ideal for more durable non sensitive skin types is a marula enzyme cleanser that will give you a warming pink glow subsiding soon after the facial. Cooling gel with high frequency wands to tone, tighten and assist with hydration. Your skin is further cooled with devices to ensure that skin is snapped and bouncy.

40 mins ~ $125

$125 ~ 40 mins 

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