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La CLINICA provides result-driven beauty treatments that are customized to your skin type and skin condition for desired results.



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A mobile therapist will bring their own equipment for our on-the-go services which are provided at a location convenient for the client. This could be at the client’s home, office, hotel, or any other preferred setting. These services provide convenience and flexibility for clients who have a busy schedule or prefer the comfort and privacy of their own surroundings. Mobile therapists will do their best in a non-clinical setting to provide a professional and tailored service to meet the needs and preferences of their clients. Mobile services are premium services and we will do our best to cater to you.

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We provide advanced cutting and sculpting techniques to provide you with the most detailed haircutting experience that will provide you with service that lasts longer than the service time itself, all in the comfort of your preferred surroundings so you can relax in the convenience of familiarity post service. Whether you require a full haircut, texturizing touch ups for more manageability or a new style for a new you, we understand your needs and are eager to meet them. Consultations are included and we strongly believe in communication so we understand your needs, pictures of the direction you seek to have a final result are welcomed. Feel free to combine or book our mobile services with other members whether family or friends for a shared experience. We look forward to booking your service. 

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Men’s cuts typically require 45 – 60 mins for a maintenance cut. Should your locks be overgrown, or have thicker texture, cuts can 60 mins in length, not including set up. Please know we aim to provide the best results and eliminate the factory production of a salon or barber shop. 
Women’s cut require 60 mins based the advanced cutting techniques used if this is longer hair and if that hair has extensions. We know how to proceed, will make sure we sculpt according to your hair. Please let us know in advance if you require a blow dry. 

Price Upon Request


Men’s Cut – 45 – 60 mins ~ $130  + Travel & Taxes when outside the downtown core
Women’s  – 60 – 90 mins ~ $195  + Travel & Taxes when outside the downtown core

Gratuity is not included we recommend 20% gratuity which can be added pre or post services

Price Upon Request

60 mins ~ $130 +

90 mins ~ $195 + 

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