La CLINICA provides result-driven beauty treatments that are customized to your skin type and skin condition for desired results.

Signature Balancing Facial Treatment Toronto

Signature Balancing Facials

At La Clinica we provide personalized facial treatments at Fort York, Toronto. All facials are designed with you and your skin type in mind. Experience complete facial balance for weeks post treatment with these facials. All of our facials begin with re-sculpting, anti-gravity massage to visibly lifts the skin around the jaw and neck to restore youthful elasticity and tone. Massage therapy for your face.

La Clinica Sensibile ~ For Sensitive + ALL TYPES

For all skin types but in particular this is best suited to sensitive skin and rosacea skin conditions, this facial is all about relaxation. Incorporating both facial massage and lymphatic drainage massage, this is the ultimate in detoxification. This gentle massage stimulates the lymphatic system, assists in draining toxins from the skin, which reduces puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, equalizing your complexion for a visibly youthful, luminous look. De-stress, refresh and get glowing with this facial. Massage techniques are modified for rosacea clients appling a feather touch kobido hand movements. 

60  mins ~ $165

75  mins ~ $195  Add Red & Blue Light Therapy ~ See our Add-Ons

60  mins ~ $165


For dry sensitive skin types, this facial is all about moisture. This enzyme driven facial uses gentle exfoliants and layered foaming enzyme to consume dull skin. High frequency to cleanse, tighten pores in the t-zone and regenerate new skin as this provides a clear base for hydration. Calming colloidal vitamin hydrating gel mask, rich hydration, a blend of essential oils a anti-oxidants, peptides, active serums & hyaluronic acid infused with argon high frequency to oxygenate, firm and tone the skin. Rejuvenate and rebuild with finishing products SPF to bring back bounce and glow to your skin. 

60 mins – $165

75 mins – $195  Add Red & Blue Light Therapy ~ See our Add-Ons

60  mins ~ $165

La CLinica Fresca ~ For Dry Oily T-Zone

Soften and freshen up your skin. La Clinica Fresca is ideal for those with older oxidation in the skin. This facial incorporates full face ultrasonic exfoliation and crystal or diamond dermabrasion in the t-zone where you need it most tailored to varying skin types to refine and smooth, followed by a cooling mask to calm balance. Neon high frequency for a deep clean and potent oxygenated rose and DMAE blend peptide gel mask or colloidal gel mask to soothe. Argon frequency wand to aid in penetration of hydration of water binding hyaluronic milk lotion. A formulated facial to cleanse, clear and regenerate. 

60 mins ~ $165

75 mins ~ $195 For Added Extractions ~ See our Add-Ons

60  mins ~ $165

LA Clinica Chiara ~ For Oily Skin T-zone

Rebalance, tone and clarify and achieve complexion perfection with this deep cleansing facial. Layered with actives from beginning to end, this facial will balance and slow oil production, giving your skin a rest. Double cleanses, double masks, activated foam and lactic acid in the t-zone to clear out oily surfaces and calm irregular texture and balance oil and textural imperfections within the skin. Tailored essential oils for both an energizing and clearing effect on the skin that is paired with ozonated neon gas will tighten, tone, and give shine and luminosity.

60 mins ~ $165

75 mins ~ $200 For Added Extractions ~ See our Add-Ons

60  mins ~ $165

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