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The Best Bacials Exfoliate and Relax


A “Bacial” is a skin treatment specifically formulated for your back; also known as a back facial. Back facials utilize many of the same techniques used in skin treatments for the face. Designed to clarify, soften and deep cleanse the skin on the back while providing a deep moisturizing treatment which will leave you with a healthy and glowing back. Bacials are available for both men and women targeting specific skin types or issues such as clogged pores and acne on the back.

The back is not easy to reach, this treatment can help you in reducing clogged pores, dry skin and other irritating conditions.

Depending on your skin type and problem areas, we will determine the right products and treatment for your back. A Bacial is beneficial for anyone! We will take care of dry and overstressed skin to acne prone skin. A Bacial will let you get clean and radiant skin. Approved for pregnant or nursing.

Please note if the focus is needed to be on comedone or dilated blackhead removal we will need more time to address these conditions. 

Crystal Bacial

This is a treatment Bacial as we beginning with a dry surface and use crystal microdermabrasion to loosen and assist in separating older skin that has not yet shed with both suction and crystal proving it provides the most optimal results. We may also use gentle hydrating peels to assist in clearing an active breakouts for those who have skin who can tolerate such active ingredients. More invasive extractions are performed for stubborn deeper or dilated pores. Should your breakout be more extensive we may modify to treatment to address these conditions or recommend a follow-up or multiple treatments to assist you in clearing out your skin. Once the skin has has the crystals removed we move on to steam and deep cleansing. With a crystal dermabrasion, your skin will feel exfoliated and lighter, cotton will feel like silk when it grazes your skin.  

60 mins ~ $295  •  S to M Back or Half Back   
60 – 75 mins ~ $365  •  Full Back

Diamond Bacial

Very similar to the Crystal Bacial, however this is a gentler form of mechanical dermabrasion. There no use of crystals in this treatment, the handpiece is larger and encompasess more of 2 cm sized area. This treatment is recommended for drier comedones and less resilient skin. Despite this being a gentler form of dermabrasion, it packs a punch when removing ashy dry skin. It will resurface without being too much. Gentle enzymatic cleansers and enzymatic treatment masks to assist in consuming drier skin that is separating from the surface of your  skin.  A combination of hydrating gels and moisturizer with quench your skin thirst leaving you back with be cleansed, hydrated and nourished. 

60 mins ~ $295  •  S to M Back or Half Back   
60 – 75 mins ~ $365  •  Full Back

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