Need a moment of pampering that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule? Why not a swift escape into tranquillity that doesn't compromise on relaxation or holistic results. Refreshing cleansers, essential oils, invigorating massage and a quick burst of nourishment and hydration. Our Spa Facials are a combination of deep relaxation and holistic rejuvenation. A perfect introduction to facial relaxation. Unwind and elevate your mood with one of our spa-style facials as a gateway to radiance as even the briefest escape should be nothing short of effective and relaxing. 

$75 ~ $95 30 mins ~ 40 mins


Each Signature Balancing Facial is curated to rebalance skin function addressing specific skin conditions. We go beyond the skin's surface using established methods, to bring it into concerted balance with a thoughtful execution by understanding your skin's unique needs. Using steps that have measurable results, effort is dedicated to activating your skin's natural rejuvenating response. A personalized treatment journey of synergistic skin wellness and rejuvenation resulting in a luminous enduring glow your skin craves.
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$165  ~ 65 mins


The pinnacle of a multi-layered masterpiece building upon the foundation of our Signature Balancing Facials while immersing you in luxurious rejuvenating. Experience the transformative power of facial massage that releases tension, promotes circulation and tones skin while you let go into a realm of sublime serenity. Immerse yourself in methodical refinement that transcends traditional treatments with deep nourishment and rejuvenation revealing a glowing complexion. Embrace a luxurious experience where your skin is the celebrity. 

$250 ~ $350 
75 mins ~ 95 mins

Cellular Rejuvenation

Oxygen Glow Facial

OxyGeneo is the best 3 in 1 treatment for generation of oxygenation on a cellular level. Using the Bohr effect this technique utilizes the body's natural response to increase oxygen when C02 levels rise, enhancing oxygenation in the skin. OxyGeneo involves exfoliation, infusion and oxygenation delivering comprehensive skincare benefits.
The interaction between a capsule and treatment gel creates C02 on the skin to enhance cellular oxygenation. Harness natural and deep skin oxygenation with OxyGeneo for healthier and revitalized skin. 

$200 ~ 65 mins


Reverse and prevent aging skin, tone muscles and restore bone density with SKiN LiFT & SCULPT. A fully based current treatment with 5 technologies working simultaneously in synergy giving your skin long lasting rejuvenating effects. Achieved by supplying readily available useable energy on a cellular level, this treatment works deeper than laser while being non-invasive gentle while maintaining a strong, powerful treatment. With repeated sessions that payer on itself, your skin will improve in clarity and hydration, increase in density and become firmer, tighter skin. Full results revealed 3 and 4 days later.

$250 ~ $350  45 mins ~ 75 mins

Rejuvenating Radio Frequency

TriPollar Radio Frequency by Oxygeneo, get visible skin rejuvenating results that last and withstand time. TriPollar Skin Tightening uses mono and bipolar radio frequencies allowing for a more targeted and deeper penetration. Radio frequency is a scientifically tested method of frequency heated energy to stimulate the production of fibroblast cells to induce the production of collagen and elastin. Experience lasting results of radiant, fuller, firmer, thicker, youthful skin visible within one session with full results days later.

$250 ~ $350  45 mins ~ 75 mins

Medical Injectables


All medical services are performed by Jacob Fiby, RNFA. Using the original Allergan Botox reduce dynamic wrinkles, fine lines and enhance skin quality. With consistent use of Botox your skin will dramatically improve, smooth muscles, and provide an aesthetic facial balance. Areas can be treated together or in separate appointments based on your needs. Maintain and achieve a lifted and glowing appearance while aging gracefully at the same time.

$12 per unit


All medical services are performed by Jacob Fiby, RNFA. We use branded Health Canada approved high quality filler to provide you with the best quantitative results. If you are seeking to achieve a natural aesthetic balance, stimulate collagen and elastin to redensify your skin, or present with a more voluminous fuller appearance, our Cosmetic Nurse Injector will work with both your goals and facial symmetry. Trust in the artistic and educated skillset of our injector.

$650 and up


All medical services are performed by Jacob Fiby, RNFA. Improve your skin tonality, replenish collagen, elastin and tighten with medical cosmetic threads. Threads are a non-invasive treatment requiring minimal post care. Benefits of threads provides a net like support structure adding controlled localized volume which also rejuvenates and firms skin diminishing the overall appearance of aging. Threads provide extended lasting results for as long as 1-3 years.

By area ~ $1800 and up

Treatments & Wellness


Go deep to address skin and textural irregularities with microneedling. Microneedling at low depths will boost fibroblast cells, improve texture and generate collagen and elastin. At deeper levels, microneedling works to remove superficial and light scaring and removes fine lines and wrinkles. Resurface and restore your skin to the texture you previously had and get glowing with microneedling sessions.

$165 ~ 60 mins


Destress, tuned up and gain clarity. Align yourself with your desires and goals, allowing you to manifest new directions with clear intention. Using small tuning forks a soothing vibration will break up and release tension and heavy thought patterns. Relax and be carried away to where your mind lives without repetitive thoughts and open into a place of effortless clarity where you are awake and seeing your intention with clarity.

$195 ~ 60 mins


Originating in Colombia, Maderoterapia is a full body sculpting treatment to work in conjunction with your body's lymphatic system breaking down fat deposit and diminishing cellulite. By using sculpted tools in a repetitive strategic movement, in rapid succession to access deep tissues to stimulate and breakup fat. Once this is achieved the lymphatic system will absorb and carry away fat cells. Experience the transformative lasting effects of Maderotherapy and sculpt your shape.

$120 ~ $165 30 mins ~ 45 mins

Beauty & Treatments


The eyes are the window to the soul. Lift, tint, shape your lashes and brows. Give your eyes brightness! Whether you are a man or a women, giving your lashes and brows a simple makeover will provide you with a refreshed and awakened frame to your eyes. A must have for male grooming and women seeking to enhance their natural beauty. See our Beauty page for pricing.


Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience that harnesses the science of heatless near infrared light to stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation, and unveil your skin's natural luminosity. Adding Red Light Therapy to any of our facials and skin treatments to foster tissue strength, accelerate healing and skin luminosity.
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Whether you are dealing with acne, comedones, milia, skin tags, white moles or benign moles, we provide skin maintenance and removal. Addressing these skin conditions early such as controlling acne and early removal to prevent unwanted growths and control acne. In person consultation is required to properly assess your needs and skin condition.



A man's skin can be equally sensitive as it is resilient. It needs the same amount of care, nourishing hydration and protection.
Men have the added intricacy of shaving, beard maintenance and in some cases, ingrown facial hair. With our facials, we will address your skincare, need for hydration, nourishment, and protection, as well as resolve any skin irregularities as a result of shaving.
We tailor our service to best support what you need. Resolve, balance and protect your skin with one of UOMO, Man Facials.

$165 ~ 60 mins

Various Exfoliation Treatments

We offer many methods of exfoliation for all skin types. Whether an Enzymatic treatment to eat away dead skin, Dermaplaning for a gentle grazing of the skin removing peach fuzz, or Diamond Dermabrasion with light suction to polish the skin or Crystal Dermabrasion with a stronger suction for a deep clean, lifting out all impurities while providing the benefit of resurfacing textural irregularities. Enhance product absorption and reveal fresh glowing skin with one of these exfoliating treatments.

$120 ~ $165
30 mins ~ 45 mins


Offering a range of peels from hydrating peels for dry skin types for uneven skin tone for long-term rejuvenation over time to medical grade peels for oily skin for a deeper lifting of pigment, TCA for resurfacing acne-troubled skin, fine lines and wrinkles, we assess what the best direction for you based on what your skin can tolerate, lifestyle and desired results. Addressing specific concerns for optimal results by incorporating peels strategically and uniquely based on you, your skin and lifestyle.

$250 and up 
45 mins ~ 60 mins

Beauty Maintenance










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