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La CLINICA provides result-driven beauty treatments that are customized to your skin type and skin condition for desired results.



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A mobile therapist will bring their own equipment, including a portable massage table or chair, oils, lotions and any other necessary tools. Treatments on-the-go, at a location convenient for the client. This could be at the client’s home, office, hotel or any other preferred setting. These services provide convenience and flexibility for clients who have busy schedules or prefer the comfort and privacy of their own surroundings. Mobile therapist will do their best in a non-clinical setting to provide a professional and tailored service to meet the needs and preferences of their clients. Mobile services are premium services and we will do our best to cater to you.

Price Upon Request

Madero therapy

Using wooden or metal tools, our on-the-go service is designed for your comfort so you can relax in the convenience of familiarity post treatment. Madero Therapy is a treatment based service that is designed to not only alleviate stress and but to also reduce cellulite and remove toxins by stimulation of the lymphatic system and circulatory system. By repetitive motion of these wooden tools moving in succession against the body and muscles, the fascia is softened and released while also decreasing inflammation. There are many health benefits are associated with Madero Therapy, to learn more about how we use this service to benefit our client we to learn more, click below to learn about how Madero Therapy is used as a body sculpting treatment.

Price Upon Request


Madero is booked in 2 different times, 60 mins and 90 mins, not including set up. 
Our therapists need to make themselves available which can mean shifting existing clients to accommodate when possible as such, travel outside of the downtown core is an additional charge and will alter based on time and distance. Taxes and gratuity is not included and appreciated when provided. 

Price Upon Request


60 mins ~ $395  + Travel & Taxes 
90 mins ~ $495  + Travel & Taxes

Gratuity is not included we recommend 20% gratuity which can be added pre or post services

Price Upon Request

60 mins ~ $395 +

90 mins ~ $495 +

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